By: Justin Pawlowski - on twitter: @CommishOnlineBy Justin Pawlowski

It has been a tough week for the Rays and their fans. The architect of the Rays roster has left for Los Angeles, and while there is some comfort in Matt Silverman taking over, Andrew Friedman has done a terrific job in piecing together a competitive roster with many limitations.

Andrew Friedman’s greatest strength was treating players on the Rays roster as if they were stocks. Friedman has sold on stocks at their highest price, and while his stocks were low, there was no reason to sell them at that point.

Perhaps, Friedman viewed himself as a stock in this situation. Friedman’s value was probably not going to be higher than it was right now. Friedman might have looked at his minor league system with the Rays, the Rays current roster, and have the knowledge that payroll will be slashed from $82 million to the $60-$65 million range. If that’s the case, Friedman probably realized that this might be the best time to move on.

The Rays still have some talented young players, but after a horribly disappointing year, the expectations for the 2015 Rays will already be much lower than they have been with the organization since 2008.