Someone who has seen Andrew Friedman operate over the last few years maybe closer than anyone joined Fan Interference to discuss the former Rays man leaving to go to the LA Dodgers. Todd Kalas called in to give us his perspective of what he thought all of this could mean moving forward for the Tampa Bay Rays.

When he first heard the news, Todd said that he wasn’t exactly shocked that Andrew had decided to take on a new challenge, but at the same time, there was a little surprise leaving a situation that was so successful for him and the team. Another thing that Todd says Andrew could possibly miss is the great relationship that Andrew had from top to bottom of the organiztion from owner to manager. Having said that, Todd feels that the Dodgers perhaps offered him a salary and or opportunity that he finally could not refuse to pass up.

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A lot of people speculated when the move was made that Friedman made this move at this time because he saw a team that was on the way down. Todd said that he didn’t think that was the case specifically in Tampa, but he did say he may have seen a shift in the philosophy of baseball with draft picks and things of that nature, that Friedman would like to see what running a baseball team would be like on the other side.

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Another team fans were concerned with was when Andrew left, who was coming with him. Todd said that when he heard the press conference of Stu Sternberg, he was very refreshed to hear that it appeared everyone was staying. Matt Silverman, the man replacing Friedman has been following along with the baseball operations for a very long time now.

Another guy fans are worried about losing is manager Joe Maddon. Todd says that while he doesn’t think it’s impossible, he noted that Joe loved living in the Tampa Bay area and does believe that he will be up for a raise in the future. Kalas went on to say that Joe loves Florida and the way that the Rays organization is structured.

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