MLB analyst Peter Gammons joined The Booger and Ryan Show to give some insight on the news that Rays GM Andrew Friedman will be leaving the team to become president of baseball operations for the LA Dodgers.

Gammons said it’s unfair for a GM in a small market like Friedman. The way the draft and signing international players is set up makes it difficult for small market teams to play with the big boys.

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If Gammons were giving Friedman a grade, it would be an A. He also said that he helped a competitive team that created a rivalry with the Red Sox that was even better than the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry.

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The good news is, Gammons doesn’t think Joe Maddon will be leaving Tampa Bay right away.

“I don’t think so not right now,” Gammons said.

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Gammons does have concerns about the success of baseball in the Tampa Bay market though.

“I really wonder about it,” Gammons told Booger and Marc. “I think it might work if the ballpark were on the waterfront in Tampa.”