The always great Charles Davis joined Fan Interference to recap the weekend in college football. Charles kicked off by talking about Jameis Winston and what he has started to do at FSU. Charles says that the university has started to build a us vs them mentality that the players and coaches have all had to buy into in order to keep things moving forward towards another chance at a national title.

The ‘Noles this weekend will have to get it together this Saturday as they have Notre Dame coming to town. Charles says that he is still waiting for the ‘Noles to play that complete game that you would expect from an ultra talented team like Florida State. Notre Dame is going to continue to struggle running the football, and the offensive line at Notre Dame will probably continue to struggle keeping the rush from forcing Everett Golson into making mistakes.

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Projecting forward, Davis believes that at the next level, if things remain as they are at the time of this interview, Winston will probably enter the draft and that he will need an off-season to clean up a lot of his mechanics and footwork. With everything swirling around him, going pro maybe the best thing for him. The beauty of the NFL Draft for Jameis is that it only takes one team to fall for him in order for him to be a first round guy.

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In other college news, all the buzz in college football is in the state of Mississippi and said that both schools are hidden gems that these coaches have tapped into. It has everything you can ask for. They have the conferences, the passion, and the atmosphere that has made players willing to come there and play in that state.

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