From NFL Films, Greg Cosell joins Fan Interference to take a look back at what happened this past Sunday with the Bucs and Saints. One of the biggest issues that have been brought up this week has been the lack of the run game. Greg says that from what he is seeing on film, Doug Martin is having a tough time making people miss and isn’t making people miss the way he did when he was in his rookie season.Good backs make the most of the crease that they are given to turn a 1 yard run into a 5 yard run, Martin is not doing a good job of making the most out of his opportunities.

Mike Glennon has done very well the last two games with giving his team and his offense the opportunity to make plays. Greg noted that Glennon has done a very good job of making plays down the field when the play breaks down. Glennon isn’t the runner of a Russell Wilson, but he does do a good job of keeping his eyes down the field and feeling the rush. Another thing with Glennon that Cosell likes is that you know what you are gonig to get from Glennon. the fluctuation of his performance is not too high or too low and play at a consistent level.

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The Bucs this week take on the Ravens and says that Joe Flacco has had an up and down season, but says that on the film he saw the interior of the Ravens line really manhandling the Panthers defensive line. The Buccaneers will have to find a way to win that match-up to try and stop the Ravens from moving the ball.

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This Sunday, the Bucs will be facing a team defense that is much better than the past two defenses that they faced. If the Buccaneers have any chance of replicating their success on offense of the past two weeks, Cosell says that the Bucs can find match up advantages on the outside in the passing game.

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