As the Tampa Bay Lightning begin the 2014-2015, expectations are higher than they’ve been in quite some time. A deep playoff run is expected, and CBS Sports has predicted them to make it to the Stanley Cup Finals. As a result, the interest level and the passion for the Bolts has reached a fever pitch.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Bucs and the Rays have both fallen far short of expectations in 2014, and a lot of that passion going into their respective seasons has turned into disappointment. For some, it has grown into apathy.

It got Fan Interference wondering about fan passion and apathy and spurred a debate about the definition of bandwagon fans. Are you a bandwagon fan if you don’t go to games? Or are you that way if you don’t show any interest? Is it okay to be apathetic if your team is terrible? We talked about this and more in the first segment of Fan Interference!