Ian Rapoport from NFL Network stopped by as he does every Wednesday at 4:20pm to take us inside the latest news from around the league.

There are rumors in Boston that Tom Brady could be on the trade block. Rapoport told us that Brady will be just like other guys who have been cut by the Patriots, but he doesn’t think it will be this year. Rapoport said everyone he’s talked to has said that Brady hasn’t been the problem. It’s been the offensive line.

The FCC ruled to end the blackout rule but the NFL will fight it. Rapoport said a big reason why they may be fighting it is because there have been no blackouts this season. The league has tried hard to not make this an issue by bringing the threshold down from 100% to 85%.

Jon Gruden’s name has been floated out there for the Oakland Raiders job. Rapoport said that Gruden has the best job in world working one day a week and making a ton of money. He goes through it every year. Speaking to a friend of Gruden, Rapoport said Gruden fields these offers every season and his friend believes he will eventually accept one and the Raiders job could be it.