By Trevor Grout

Tampa, FL – The Tampa Bay Lightning unveiled their newest jersey to the public at Fan Fest as Lightning Captain Steven Stamkos took to the ice in the complete new uniform. The night before at the preseason game against the Dallas Stars the Lightning made a video of them revealing a “New” third jersey to their players. As players came into a room to see the new jersey which was black and had three stripes  Black, White and blue while having Palm trees in the three stripes on the bottom of the jersey and on the sleeves. Players who saw the Fake jersey gave a variety of mixed reactions.

Radko Gudas seemed to actually like the jersey ” We have palm trees on our jerseys, that’s amazing” when asked further he said he did in fact like the “Fake” 3rd Jersey.

One player ever said “It looks like a Christmas sweater with palm trees on it”.

But that was all a prank the organization played on their players, and it received quite a bit of fan fare as it was played on TSN last night.

The new 3rd jersey brings back the classic black that the Lightning wore for some many years up until switching to the now blue jerseys. They decided to keep the diagonal BOLTS across the chest. The Jerseys are already available for pre-order at