The Big Fajita's Top Four NCAA Football Teams and State of Florida RankingsBy Rich Herrera

By Rich Herrera @RBIRich

As we countdown to the first TRUE college football playoffs at the end of the season I am going to rank what I think the top four teams each week and their chances of staying in the top four at the end of the year I will also add a bubble team who is most likely each week to be on the outside looking in.

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And just for fun since we live in the sunshine state I will rank the top five state of Florida teams each week as well.

So here we go …

#1 seeded team this week is the Alabama Crimson Tide. Alabama ran all over the Gators this weekend and the score wasn’t a real measure of the power of the Tide. They really should have scored two or more TD’s on Florida. They have settled on a QB and believe it or not the Nick Saban and Lane Kiffen combo has really worked (SO FAR) for the Tide. They have a bye this week so I think they will have plenty of time to hit the recruiting trail and do some damage this week. Chances of making in to the Playoffs as of today 99.9%

#2 Seed Florida State. The Noles were without the Heisman Trophy winner this week and struggled against Clemson in a game many think they should have lost. With Winston they are studs without him more of a dud. Although you do have to take into consideration first game out even with Winston they struggled. Heavy is the head who wears the crown I guess. This week they have NC State who is without a loss. Look for a big bounce back for FSU with Winston. Chances of making it to the playoffs as of today 90%.

#3 Seed Oklahoma. Bob Stoops has a chip on his shoulder because he remembers when people feared the Big 12. They beat West Virginia last week but really didn’t impress me. They have another interesting game this week versus a tough team to play TCU on the road. Gary Patterson will go all out to knock Stoops off this week. Could be another hard-fought game for the Sooners. Chances of making the playoffs as of today 80%

#4 Seed the Oregon Ducks. The Ducks are a great football team with speed and a Heisman candidate at QB. Trouble is I haven’t seen them knock anyone out. Yes they beat Michigan State (YAWN) and they had way to close of a game against WSU and the Mike Leach. This week another Thursday game (which I hate for top 5 teams) against Arizona. Good thing they are at home because Rich Rod has an offense that is going to cost someone in the PAC 12 a bowl game. Chances of making the playoffs as of today 78%

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Bubble Team – Texas A&M They beat South Carolina week one and haven’t played anyone since this week they take on Arkansas then both Mississippi teams if they win the next three that sets them up for a huge show down with Alabama … and we will be all buying Kenny Football gear, but that is still a long way off until then sorry they are still out of the picture.

TOP 5 State of Florida teams

#1 FSU – Number One in the nation tops in Florida

#2 Miami – Why? Why Not, they have Duke Johnson so they are worth watching right now

#3 USF – They have a 500 record before the go to Wisc and at least they are the only team to win at Ray Jay this regular season

#4 Florida – They do have a winning record by beating UK in OT but Will’s seat is heating up

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#5 UCF – hummm well at least Blake Bortals is starting for the Jags