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The Bucs have seen their current quarterback, Josh McCown, struggle in the 1st two weeks of the season, but how desperate are the Bucs at that position?

At 0-2, the Bucs now have less than a 12% chance of making the playoffs this season. Desperate times might call for desperate measures.

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After throwing just one interception in 5 games with the Bears last season, McCown has thrown three horrible interceptions in two games to start this season, and might have casted some doubt in the minbd of head coach Lovie Smith.

The Giants have also started 0-2 and their offense under new offensive coordinator Bob McAdoo has struggled mightily. Because of the slow start and struggles on offense, discussion of Eli Manning’s future has already begun.

On the Dave Dameshek Football Program podcast, former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah named a team that should consider trading for Manning.

“I’ll give you a team,” Jeremiah said. “Tampa Bay.”

Josh McCown’s struggles in the first 2 games have led to fans calling for a change, and possibly an even more conservative Lovie Smith.

“You’d have to send more than Mike Glennon,” Jeremiah said of compensation for Manning. “I know Eli has struggled, but still, with his resume it would cost you a pick.”

Lovie Smith and Jason Licht have both said that Mike Glennon is their “quarterback of the future.” Unfortunately, Lovie Smith’s actions have been much different than his words since coming to the Buccaneers, so searching elsewhere for a new “quarterback of the future” is not out of the realm of possibility.

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If the Bucs are looking for a quarterback to take full advantage of their “Dunkaneers” status, Jeremiah explains that Manning might be good fit.

“What Eli does best is throw the ball down the field,” Jeremiah said. “When you look at what the Bucs have with the two wide receivers in Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson, not a bad fit.”

There are also reasons Eli Manning would be an awful fit for the Buccaneers. Eli is 33 years old and on an obvious decline in his career.

Also, Lovie Smith has his brand of conservative football that he might never break away from. From 2010-2013, Eli Manning threw 83 interceptions and already has 4 in two games this year. If Lovie Smith is concerned about Josh McCown’s ball security, he most certainly will be weary of Eli Manning’s.

Manning is also in the 5th year of a 7-year contract that pays him $15.15m this year and $17m next year. Obviously, that contract would have to be redone to make any trade possible.

On the flip side, Eli does have that “Manning” last name and two super bowl championships and two super bowl MVP awards on his resume.

Would trading for Eli Manning be a wise move?

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