Tony Dungy joined The Booger and Ryan Show to discuss the Ray Rice video situation and to break down the Bucs loss on Sunday to the Panthers.

Dungy said that it’s clear that the NFL rushed to judgment in the Ray Rice case when they handed the 2 game suspension.

“I think the NFL acted too quickly. They had some things that they saw, they made a decision and then it looked like they didn’t see all of the information.”

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Robert Kraft said on CBS This Morning that he doesn’t think Ray Rice will ever play in the NFL again. Keith Olbermann said that he should be banned for life. Dungy doesn’t agree.

“I believe in second chances but I think the second chance comes when someone has made amends for what they do when you know for sure that they have changed, they’ve repented and they have turned their life around. I don’t think you just automatically get a second chance because time goes by. I think there will be a lot of things Ray Rice will have to do to get that second chance but I disagree with people that say he should be banned for life.”

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Dungy said he hopes the Ravens will continue to support Rice through this.

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