Whether you believe it or not, there’s a real side to wrestling. The fans are rabid and real, cities bid on the chance to host Wrestlemania (the same way they bid on the Super Bowl) and the athletes (yes athletes) who fly through the air, are also very real. With this in mind, here’s our salute to the top 5 wrestlers or all time!


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5 – ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage

He was one of the few main-eventers in the 1980s that combined charisma and personality with an intense in-ring style that produced mutliple 5-star matchups. As a long-reigning WWF champion, he was voted by the WWE as the “Greatest Intercontinental Champion Of All Time”. His colorful ring attire combined with his familiar “Oh Yeah!” catchphrase and flamboyant nature made the Macho Man a memerable performer who was immesurably popular with fans from coast to coast!


4 – The “Nature Boy” Ric Flair

Ric Flair was ‘The Man’ in professional wrestling with 16 word championship titles. His blond hair and naturally arrogant looks helped the success of the “Nature Boy” character, one that portrayed him as a rich and arrogant superstar that lived the high life and rubbed it in the faces of those less fortunate. No man did more to heighten the importance of the microphone than Flair and he was a natural at delivering world-class promos every chance he got!


3 – The Undertaker

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The longest serving wrestler currently with the WWE and he has been one of the top-drawing talents for two decades. He is perhaps the only person that can claim to have been a star in the early 1990s, a star in the ‘Attitude era’ and a star in the “PG” era. The Undertaker is one of the the quickest ast athletic big men of all time and his matches with Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart were works of art…


2 – The Rock

Although he only wrestled professionally for seven years, the Rock is one of the biggest names to ever enter a wrestling ring. He had the look of a champion, the look of a star and was always able to tear the hose down. The “Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment” lit up the wrestling world with his awesome charisma and quick wit. The reaction to his return in 2011 was explosive and it is a testament to just how much this man is loved in the wrestling world. People will always pay to see the Rock whic is why he was chosen as the main even of Wrestlemania 28 despite not having wrestled for years!


1 – Hulk Hogan

“Hulkamania” was a dominant presence in the 1980s, as millions bought in the real-life superhero-like persona of the ‘Hulkster’. He has generated more revenue than anyone in the wrestling business and is the biggest star the industry has ever known. His tanned 300 lb frame, long golden hair and huge arms made him the perfect hero for fans and the ideal champion for Vince McMahon. Hogan’s charisma was off the charts and when he spoke, EVERYONE listened. He was the ideal face for the ‘rock ‘n wrestling’ era and for the sport of pro wrestling!

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