The NFL Season starts Thursday!!! Might as well get the predictions out of the way…

Remembers kids. These picks are LOCKS!!!! Bet your house! Bet your dog! Bet everything! What’s the worst that can happen? You lose your family?





Division Winners

New England Patriots –They’ve been the class of this division since… forever. They still are.

Pittsburgh Steelers –Not sure if this is more of a vote for the Steelers or a vote against the rest of the division.

Denver Broncos –They’re on a mission this year.

Indianapolis Colts –Is this the year that the Colts get to sit at the grown-ups table???


Wild Cards

San Diego Chargers –Interested to see how the offense does without Ken Whisenhunt. I still like them in a weak AFC.

Miami Dolphins –If this offense worked in Philly, why can’t it work in Miami? I expect Ryan Tannehill and Mike Wallace to have big years.



Wild Card Round
Colts (3) over Dolphins (6)
Chargers (5) over Steelers (4)

Divisional Round
Broncos (1) over Chargers (5)
Colts (3) over Patriots (2)

AFC Championship
Broncos over Colts





Division Winners

Philadelphia Eagles –Year 2 with Chip Kelly and Nick Foles at the helm should yield even bigger dividends in a weak East

Detroit Lions –This is finally their year. Adding Golden Tate will help, but bringing in Head Coach Jim Caldwell will get these talented misfits going in the right direction.

Seattle Seahawks –All systems go for the Champs. Will Percy Harvin stay healthy?

New Orleans Saints -The unquestioned class of the NFC South.


Wild Cards
Green Bay Packers –Having the best quarterback in football will always get you into the Playoffs.
Arizona Cardinals –Wide Receiver Michael Floyd is about to burst onto the national scene. That defense ain’t no joke either.



Wild Card Round
Eagles (3) over Cardinals (6)
Lions (4) over Packers (5)

Divisional Round
Saints (1) over Lions (4)
Seahawks (2) over Eagles (3)

NFC Championship
Saints over Seahawks



Broncos -45
Saints -31


This year’s Broncos remind me a lot of the San Antonio Spurs. They are an old, veteran team that will be on a mission from Week 1. They were humbled by Seattle last year in the Super Bowl and I believe that will be their fuel towards winning this year’s Lombardi Trophy.


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