It’s been a sad week with the Buccaneers cutting their roster down to 53, and another preseason loss to the Washington Redskins, but when things look bad I like to cheer you up with some Stories We Missed.

When all else fails I like to look for Johnny Manziel to cheer me up and this week he did it with a new Snickers commercial. In the commercial Johnny dons some spandex, a headband and becomes Johnny JamBoogie, an aerobics instructor who looks about as comfortable in front of his class as Manziel does on the field. Manziel signed with the candy bar company in July.

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Thursday night as the Buccaneers were playing a meaningless preseason football game, Texas A&M absolutely crushed South Carolina. The best news was for Aggie fans who needed a new sofa. The Ashley Furniture store in College Station offered a promotion of a full refund on purchases over a two-week stretch this month if the underdog Aggies won by at least ten points. One guy bought over $20,000 worth of furniture knowing that his Aggies would win. Over 600 people showed up and bought items totaling more than one-million dollars.

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Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union are getting married in South Florida on Saturday, and no selfies allowed!! Like other high-profile athletes and celebrities, the couple is demanding that guests keep all details of the event private, even making them sign a contract. No cell phones or cameras are allowed, no live tweeting, no facebooking, basically keep your mouth shut and thanks for attending. I wonder what that gift registry looks like and who bought what!

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