Roy Cummings joined Fan Interference today to preview the last preseason game for the Bucs, and what tonight’s game means to certain players on the fringe.

One of the players not on the fringe is newly acquired guard Logan Mankins. Jason Licht said that he is a guy who in his eyes has not lost a step. One of the things that some have been worried about is why did the Patriots feel okay with letting the all-pro go. Mankins seems to be a guy that is going to be just a short term fix for 3 years at the most and hope that some of the younger guys the team brought in this off-season develop into a starting caliber guard in the NFL.

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Justin said yesterday that Logan Mankins makes this team 2 wins better, and Roy said that Justin was absolutely right. A player at the level of Mankins at a position that was so weak has made this team into a team that can make a run at one of the playoff spots.

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The biggest name that could be on the fringe for the Buccaneers since Lovie arrived in Tampa Bay is Da’Quan Bowers. Roy believes that the flexibility of Bowers to play both end and tackle gives him the edge to be a member of the 53 man roster.

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