Charles Davis of FOX and the NFL Network joined Fan Interference to break down college football as it kicks off today.

The big thing everyone is talking about is just how difference this year will be with the new college football playoff begins this year. Charles is already hearing from people who are feeling nervous about who the selection committee will select based off of schedule and conference affiliation.

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One of the teams that may have to sweat it out this year could be the Big XII. With no title game, teams like Oklahoma, OK State, and Baylor may be forced to run the table in order to be one of those 4 teams involved in the playoff.

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Another big offseason story in college athletics this year has been the “power 5” and autonomy. Charles says that it is going to be a very tough road for the teams that are not in the power 5 to break through into the college football playoff. It would be a very hard sell to a 1 loss power team to miss a playoff because a “group of 5” team ran the table in their conference with a schedule that is clearly inferior.

Finally, the guys asked him about whether Richie Incognito was someone the Bucs should still consider bringing in. Charles says that Incognito will never change his ways, but if he is brought into a locker room with structure like Tampa Bay with a well respected coach such as Lovie Smith.

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