By: Justin Pawlowski - on twitter: @CommishonlineBy Justin Pawlowski

What a pleasure it was watching ESPN’s NFL Insiders and NFL Live on Monday and actually having the Bucs be a topic.

The Bucs had been in the abyss of bad NFL teams that get no national recognition until the news broke of the Bucs interest in NFL bad boy Richie Incognito.

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On Monday morning, Jay Glazer reported that the Bucs were bringing the much maligned Incognito in for a visit/workout, and if all went well, they could end up signing him.

On Monday evening, the meeting between Incognito and the Bucs concluded with no contract being signed.

I know there are a few fans/media in the Tampa Bay area that would hate to see a player with Incognito’s past be signed by the team they love/cover. Football is a tough game played by nasty individuals. For a Bucs offensive line lacking the nastiness it takes to be great, Incognito would immediately inject that toughness into the Bucs offense.

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For those concerned that Incognito could prove to be a cancer in the Bucs locker room, ask yourself which would be a bigger cancer in thhat locker room: Incognito or an 0-4 start to the season?

Incognito will be on a short leash and on his best behavior on what could be his final team in the NFL. If he keeps his attitude in check and reverts back to his 2012 Pro Bowl form, Incognito’s next team could get a steal.

Incognito’s contract will take some time to iron out with the amount of outs for the Bucs and incentives for Incognito.

To soften the media backlash both locally and nationally, I anticipate the Bucs announcing the signing of Incognito some time Friday afternoon.

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