To get a former players perspective on the potential of Richie Incognito signing in Tampa Bay, John Gilmore joined Fan Interference to talk about what he potentially could bring to a locker room.

John says that with Lovie as the head coach, he is a guy who could be embraced in the locker room by the leaders on the team. The one thing that you can’t really deny is that he is a player who could make an immediate impact on the field.

Another thing lacking with the play of the line is a nastiness and an edge, and that is certainly something that Incognito can bring in abundance.

The NFL is a league that loves handing out second chances, but with a guy like Incognito who maybe on his 4th or 5th chance, John says that he does not know the man enough to say whether or not he is someone who should no longer be allowed to play football. John does acknowledge that whomever Richie Incognito signs with, this is going to absolutely be his last chance in the NFL.

The big difference with the team this year than in the past with Tampa Bay is that the Buccaneer locker room is much more equipped to handle a player with the background of Incognito. Leaders like McCoy and a head coach like Lovie Smith could surround him with enough structure and accountability that could allow him to be a productive player, and hopefully stay out of trouble within the structure of the organization.