We’ve all seen them in action, whether in clips on TV or on YouTube, the evidence abounds! These five have been chosen because they have the worst attitudes in sports!

5 – Terrell Owens

Oh, T.O. In a trend that’s pretty prevalent on this list, he’s a player who was incredibly talented yet has had a lot of trouble in the NFL because of his attitude. No matter how good you are on the field, if you’re constantly stirring up trouble off the field, no one is going to want you on the team. Owens has celebrated touchdowns by disrespectfully posing on the opposing team’s logo and autographed a game ball… in the middle of a game! He has mocked the celebration dances of other players (notably Ray Lewis), commented in interviews about the inadequacy of his multi-million dollar contract (so scarce he could hardly feed his family, apparently), been suspended for his attitude in training camp, insulted his own franchise and teammates, and he even spit in DeAngelo Hall’s face. There’s not much he hasn’t done…

4 – Ron Artest

The problem with Ron Artest is that he doesn’t seem to know he is crazy! Every time he’s doing something terrible or off the wall, he always has a look that says ‘I didn’t do nothin.’ The fight that he started in Detroit was just the tip of the iceberg. Artest raps and drives crazy cars but he has never sought the specialist help he needs so dearly to keep his career on track.

3 – Randy Moss

Moss definitely has a fiery personality – the Minnesota Vikings had had enough of him after too many little stunts, causing them to trade the troubled WR to Oakland. He’s refused to talk to the media numerous times, which is essentially against league policy (he was once fined $25,000 for this behavior). One of the greats at his position, Moss was undoubtedly talented. Any problems he’s had have not been a result of his skill, but rather a result of his mouth: either because of his comments and outspoken remarks, or because of his refusal to address the media (or rude, often obnoxious dismissal of them). Randly Mis always in the discussion as one fo the ebst ever at wideout, but we have to wonder – would he have been the best all-time if he’d worked a bit harder and kept a team-first attitude?

2 – John McEnroe

Tennis could not have invented a better villain if they’d tried. When you think of John McEnroe, you definitely don’t think well behaved – he’s known as the bad boy of 1970s tennis for a reason. It would be easier to say what McEnroe didn’t do than what he did – while on the court he’s cursed like a sailor, thrown his racket around, fought with umpires, and generally just caused huge and unnecessary scenes. While no one has a definitive number, a lot of his earnings during his prime are thought to have gone to paying back fines for misconduct. Despite being ranked number one at one point in his career, McEnroe’s attitude also cost him a lot of endorsement deals, as many companies didn’t want their products associated with him or his temper.

1 – Bobby Knight

Where to begin with Bobby Knight? If we had to explain to someone who didn’t know who Coach Knight was, we don’t think I could gather the right words. Knight was a great coach, but his temper was infamous and language salty. Even more noteworthy was the video of Knight grabbing Neil Reed by the throat. Bobby was like the drunken guy at the top of the Arena at any game in any sport. An outstanding basketball coach, Knight is also loud and aggressive, and he would be damned if anyone dared to cross him.


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