By Roxanne Wilder

We count down the Top Five Fantasy Football Breakout Candidates.

Coming in at number five, Russel Wilson, quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, possesses the best confidence boost of all…A SUPER BOWL TROPHY. Wilson became a bonafide star last year, and what do all NFL stars get in return?…THEY GET THE BALL MORE! Look for Wilson to re-establish his ground game once again. A spike in rushing touchdowns is almost certain to happen and with his confidence sky high, look for the passing numbers to match. If Seattle’s receivers keep improving, that’ll be huge for those willing to take Wilson high on their draft boards. Owners, you can’t go wrong with this multi-talented star Q-B. Wilson talks to Michael Irvin about knowing when he’d won over his head coach, Pete Carroll.

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Coming in at number four, Tennessee Titans running back, Bishop Sankey. Sankey falls into a situation all fantasy gurus dream of…A player with a great supporting cast and NO COMPITITION! Sankey will be running behind an experienced offensive line that’ll undoubtedly produce the holes needed for consistent yardage and best of all, he’ll be guaranteed the touches he needs to produce what all fantasy owner’s demand…long gains and several scores. Draft high!

Coming in at number three, Jacksonville Jaguars running back Toby Gerhart (Gare-heart). He’s not all braun. This Stanford grad has brains, too, and it certainly did nothing but help his development learning as Adrian Peterson’s understudy. Now that he’s a Jaguar, expect to see big things! The Jags have re-tooled their O-line and their schemes will be a perfect fit for Gerhart’s skillset: He’s got a motor, great vision, and underrated elusiveness.

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Coming in at number two, Pittsburg Steelers running back, Le’Veon Bell. He shed 10 pounds in the offseason and now weighs 230. Leaner and meaner. Why is he being touted as a running back who could have a break-out season? Though he missed the first three games of his rookie season with a foot injury, he jumped right into a starting role and posted a respectable 18.8 carries per game, and scored eight rushing touchdowns. We hear from Bell when he was just a rookie on fitting in in Pittsburgh.

Who’s comes in at number one?

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