NFL Network’s insider Ian Rapoport joined The Booger and Ryan Show to discuss what the Bucs could possibly do to address the guard position and how likely an Alex Boone trade or Richie Incognito signing would be right now.

Right now, Rapoport is hearing that the Bucs are standing pat at guard right now and are looking to see what their young players can do like Kadeem Edwards. Even if the Bucs were interested, Rapoport said that the 49ers want to keep Boone if they can and you have to give Boone a contract extension if you do trade for him.

Rapoport said that it’s easy for teams to look at a guard like Richie Incognito and think: do we or don’t we want the risk in our locker room? With everything that happened last season, Rapoport said it’s probably easy for most teams to pass on Incognito.