Motorsports writer for NBC Sports Jerry Bonkowski joined The Booger and Ryan Show to discuss the incident between Tony Stewart and Kevin Ward Jr. over the weekend in which Ward lost his life after being struck by Stewart’s car.

Right now, Bonkowski said that there aren’t any legs to this story. The Ontario County Sheriff’s Office is just trying to gather details of the case.

Bonkowski said there’s no protocol for getting out of cars on the track. He said drivers do this all the time because they want retribution. You’re supposed to stay in the car until the safety crew gets there but most drivers don’t.

Bonkowski said that it’s in a driver’s nature to confront someone that they think wronged them on the track.

Driving sprint cars on dirt is very difficult Bonkowski. He said he doesn’t believe Stewart would’ve goosed the engine when he saw Ward Jr. To him, he believes Stewart tried to avoid Ward Jr. and simply couldn’t get full control of his car on a dirt track and there was no way it could’ve been avoided.

Bonkowski says too many fans think this is a NASCAR race but it wasn’t.


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