Every Wednesday, the guys from Fan Interference thinks of things in throughout the world that need to just go away. Last week, Jim gave us the most worthless thing and male nipples have been deemed “worthless”.

This week, we are allowing you to vote on who brought the most worthless thing to the table. Defending champ Jim this week said that we can get rid of the furry toilet seat cover. It serves zero purpose or function, and provides no sort or style.

Greg Linnelli thinks that wristbands have no use. Greg took particular issue with the Livestrong bands that were brought to us by Lance Armstrong, who was later exposed as a fraud.

Justin had a run in with a shady ice cream truck, and with how protective parents need to be these days, does anyone really trust the ice cream man to take care of your child and give them any sort of frozen treat?

Drake said that when contracts are announced, when figures come out they are pretty worthless. We all freak out nationally when Andy Dalton signed his new deal knowing full well he will never see the full extent of that money.