Mark Cook from the Pewter Report joined Fan Interference today to talk about how much the new depth chart means to the Bucs moving forward. Mark mentioned that Lovie Smith felt that the depth chart was really just something the league forces them to release, and that he wanted to reward those veterans in camp.

One of the things that the Bucs will have to deal with in this preseason is figuring out who will be the 53 men who make the roster. Positions like wide receiver and running back seem to be positions where the team is going to have to make tough decisions. One of the guys who will have to show their versatility at both positions will be Jeff Demps. He is someone who will have to make plays in special teams to separate himself from the other guys competing for a spot.

This week, there was talk that the gap between Glennon and McCown may have been closing, and Mark says that is not the case. Josh is someone who has been confident in drills and when he does make a mistake, it has to do more with him trying to make a tight throw rather than making a mistake out of confusion. While Mike Glennon is improving, the Buccaneers identified McCown as their guy from the moment Lovie Smith and Jason Licht took the jobs with the team.