One of the great characters at USF is OL Thor Jozwiak. Thor did his best to get Fan Interference fired up about the 2014 season. Thor brought a ton of passion to his interview and hoped to carry it over to the beginning of camp.

Thor missed the 2013 season with a heart surgery and he talked about hos that lost season made him appreciate how football can be taken away from you in an instant and it really put a chip on his shoulder. The team also carries a chip on their shoulder to erase the 2013 season from the minds of fans and the rest of college football.

One of the benefits of Thor’s maturation is having his father in his life who made it into the NFL. He came into the college game knowing what mentality he needed in order to be a success at the college level. Thor says that the offensive line is accepting the challenge that coaching staff and the Taggart system brings to the offensive line, and talks about how he wants the staff to put the pressure on his unit.

Another year at USF for the team means that it is another year under their belt with the Taggart system. The beauty of that is that the veterans and upperclassmen can now talk about the offensive system with the freshman class so that everyone is on the same page.

One of the big factors that Thor believes will help this year is the work that was put in in the offseason. Everyone seems to have bought in to the summer conditioning and Thor believes that the guys have bought in and are ready to knock that chip off their shoulder.