By Justin Pawlowski

Former Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik joined the guys from Fan Interference today to give us his thoughts on the NFL. Since his departure from Tampa Bay, Mark has kept busy doing a lot of TV and radio and has remained up to date on the latest  in the NFL.

Mark did mention that although a lot of teams deny that it is something that is ignored, that the fans reaction does have some influence about the kind of moves that they made. One of the instances that was caught up with for the Bucs was Tim Tebow. Although the following with Tebow is strong, Mark says that the extra few thousand season tickets would not effect the revenue enough to justify not making a football move.

Mark has said that while in Tampa, he has worked on hos he is going to structure contracts in a way that if a player has underperformed or has gotten into trouble, the team will be able to move that player without much penalty for the team.

One of the players that the Bucs and Dominik were tied to was Josh Freeman. Dominik said that he met with his agent at the 2013 combine and told him that he was not sure who Josh was as a quarterback and felt that the best move was to wait a year and potentially save more, then give Freeman money long term prior to his contract ending.

With today being the MLB trade deadline, Mark Dominik is not foreign to making trades and his most notable trade was the move to bring in Darrelle Revis. Mark felt that at the time, that he had no problem giving up a first round for an established All-Pro corner. Dominik was quick to point out that even though other corners were available, that none of the corners in that class have worked out the way that the teams had hoped they would.