Let me be completely transparent … I don’t like David Oritz. I’ve said it in print and I’ve said on our show “Fan Interference.” I think he dodged the long arm of the PED law as far back as 2003 (which is when his power numbers began to surge), I think he thinks he’s bigger than the game of baseball and I have trouble giving a guy even so much as Hall of Fame consideration when he hasn’t played more than ten games in the field in a season in nearly a decade.

With all that being said, let’s address the latest Rays vs. David Ortiz feud. This time it’s Chris Archer stepping into the ring against Ortiz.

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Based on the history of these two teams already this season, I expected there to be some fireworks during the series at some point. And was amazed that there wasn’t any, especially on Friday when David Price pitched for Tampa Bay. He and Ortiz have had a running feud all season. And just when we thought we could finally put this rift to bed, Sunday came along.

Do I think Ortiz gave a little extra bat-flip after his three-run homer? Absolutely. Do I think Ortiz stared at his Red Sox buddies in an effort for them to take notice of his blast? You bet. Did he lumber out of the box and cap that off with a slow trip around the bases? Sure did.

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But it didn’t seem like Archer had a beef with Ortiz’s antics until after the game when he addressed reporters. Look, I’ve seen hitters get plunked for far less than what David Ortiz did. So if Archer had such a problem with it, why didn’t he put one in Ortiz’s ribcage the next time he came to the plate? Whether you agree with the Unwritten Rules of Baseball or not, pitchers voice their displeasure of showboating by running a 95-mph fastball into the guy’s back the next time he comes up. That’s the way it’s been for over 100 years. I don’t really believe in it, but I respect it.

Chris Archer must learn a couple of things as his career progresses … first, don’t whine about nothing being done to David Ortiz if the burden to do something fell on his watch. Do it and take the punishment like a man. Secondly, don’t mention David Price in your post game comments. If Price has a beef with Ortiz let him fight his fight. And you fight yours. Otherwise, Archer sounds like Price’s parrot.

Archer’s comments today about Hank Aaron are starting to fall on deaf ears. In fact, the quicker he shuts up and let’s this thing die the better.

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I’d be stunned if Chris Archer doesn’t have a long and productive career in the Major Leagues. He’s too talented and too motivated to fail. Hopefully this is a learning experience for him. Let someone else complain about David Ortiz. He’s not worth it.