By: Maria Perez

The 2014 World Cup has already become a mere memory and Americans are slowly going back to the “Futbol? You mean Football….” attitude, but we’re here to remind you that soccer is the biggest sport in the world and just because the World Cup is over doesn’t mean the action stops either. While many players are slowly going back to their old routines, some of our favorite stars of the World Cup have been keeping pretty busy on and off the field.

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Here are what six stars of the 2014 World Cup have been doing.

6. Uruguay’s Luis Suarez

Ever since he was suspended for the remainder of the tournament plus four months for biting Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini, many may assume he is just sitting in his house in Uruguay with a muzzle on but in reality he’s probably sitting in his house in Uruguay counting his $121 million for being traded to Barcelona, one bill at a time. 

(Photo Credit:David Ramos/Getty Images)

5. Italy’s Mario Balotelli 

Okay, so his World Cup appearance wasn’t so memorable since Chiellini took the spotlight for being bitten (so selfish right?) but Balotelli looks to be auditioning for Dancing With The Stars with this innovative video. I hear props give you extra points… 


4. Colombia’s James Rodriguez 

The adorable Colombian who stole the entire show this year with his good looks, skills and attitude has officially been traded to Real Madrid for $108 million. I personally think it’s a publicity stunt to get more girls to watch soccer because James AND Cristiano Ronaldo on the same field at the same time… C’mon.


(Photo Credit: Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

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3. Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo left the World Cup this year disappointed his team didn’t make it as far as he had hoped and then to top it all off a new heart throb (James Rodriguez) is coming to take some of the spot light from him in Real Madrid, so it’s fair to say he’s had a few rough weeks. To blow off some steam Ronaldo went on a show in Japan to promote products but by the looks of it, his trip wasn’t as therapeutic as he may have anticipated…


2. USA’s Clint Dempsey and DeAndre Yedlin

After scoring against Ghana in the first 30 seconds of the game, Dempsey became an American hero. Now he and Yedlin are trying to be the heroes of the MLS with hopes of getting more fans to come out and watch games. Their club team, Seattle Sounders, has been pulling bigger and bigger crowds post World Cup, maybe Futbol is on it’s way to being the new Football in the U.S.

(Photo Credit: Steve Dykes/Getty Images)


1. Team Germany

 What do you do when you’re the best team in the world? Party like its 1990 of course. (That was the last time they won the World Cup in case you weren’t sure) Team Germany apparently got so out of hand doing who knows what with their trophy that they chipped it.  Good thing it was just a replica or else who knows what Sepp Blatter would have done to them.


(Photo Credit: Pool/Getty Images)


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