The GREAT Mark Cook joined Fan Interference today to kick start the buzz of training camp for the Buccaneers this year.

The stories going into this year is just how little we know. Coming into 2013, no one predicted 4-12, so Mark says that it is absurd to think of a number for wins and losses before the 53 man roster is announced. Having said that, with the talent that has been brought in and the coaches that have been hired, there is a lot of doubt from Cook that the team will win 4 games.

One of the big concerns heading into the draft for Justin is depth behind Gerald McCoy. Cook says that a position like that is not something that allows for a lot of depth. Teams has to just hope that a guy like that can remain healthy throughout the season.

This training camp is going to be a huge for a lot of guys who are fighting for jobs, but the biggest one for the Bucs is how will Josh McCown look in camp? A lot of faith has been put on a career backup to perform at a high level for the team to be a success this year. One thing McCown has going for him in the eyes of Bucs fans is just how terrible the play at quarterback was for the team last year.