From the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Vincent Jackson joined Fan Interference to talk about the upcoming season and his new book that he has recently put out.

The title of the book is Danny Dog Tags: Dealing With Deployment. Vincent came from a military family, and he felt putting out a book like this was giving a perspective on how children of military families would be able to adjust to the issue of a constantly moving family.

This time last year, fans and players alike were looking at the season with plenty of optimism and the team, as we know, really struggled to get off to a good start. This year in camp, the mood is very upbeat. Vincent says, “Obviously we have a new staff, Lovie has been great. The amount of information we have been able to take in from the staff is really light years ahead of where we’ve been in the past.” Jackson went on to add that the team is a better football team across the board.

One of the new additions to the team is offensive coordinator, and Vincent discussed the kind of offense that Bucs fans can look forward to. “It’s a faster paced offense that’s going to put a lot of pressure on the defense. We’re going to be very diverse and we want to be able to control the clock and dictate the pace that we want top play at.”

Jackson also talked about the signing of Josh McCown and what he can do for the offense. On McCown, Jackson says, “I see what Lovie sees in him when he decided to bring him in. I never met him before this year, but he is a great human being, and a great leader.”

One of the difference that Jackson has noticed in the past is the way that the offense can be flexible within the system. When asked about the pace, Jackson told Fan Interference “I think we’re gonna be as dynamic as possible. Sometimes you go into it with a game plan, and you have coaches who are willing to adapt, and that’s what we have now.”

Finally, a new edition to the receiving corps is first round draft pick is Mike Evans, who throughout the draft, was compared to Vincent Jackson. Jackson said that he is a guy who is big, athletic, and attacks the ball in the air.

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