By: Justin Pawlowski - on twitter: @CommishOnlineBy Justin Pawlowski

Former quarterback and current college football analyst for NBC Sports Doug Flutie joined Fan Interference with Justin Pawlowski and Jim Lighthall on 98.7 The Fan Wednesday.

Flutie opened up about the comparisons made between him and Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel.

“I love it,” Doug Flutie said about comparisons to Johnny Manziel. “Shoot, Johnny Manziel is a hell of an athlete.”

“There is so much in his (Manziel) body language that is exactly the same moves that I made,” Flutie said.

After trading up to the 22nd slot in the 1st round, the Cleveland Browns selected Manziel as their franchise quarterback. The debate leading up to May’s draft in the Tampa Bay area was whether the Bucs would take a shot on Manziel with a top 10 selection or go with a receiver. The Bucs ultimately selected Manziel’s teammate and top target, Mike Evans.

“If Tampa felt they needed a quarterback, I think you take Johnny Manziel with their quarterback situation,” Flutie said of the Bucs decision to pass on Manziel.

While many around the NFL feel there might be a competition in Cleveland between Manziel and Brian Hoyer, Doug Flutie feels strongly about which quarterback should be starting immediately for the Browns.

“I think a guy like Johnny Manziel makes your team better right away,” Flutie said of Manziel’s immediate impact. “A guy like Andrew Luck, although he stepped right in and played well, a guy like Andrew Luck that is a pure drop-back passer, he needs to to get everyone on the same page and everything needs to be just perfect. A guy like Johnny Manziel, when your team has some short-comings, he can make up for it.”

“I just think that he (Manziel) is the type of guy that can make you competitive right away, and then it’s a slow improvement, where a guy like an Andrew Luck or a pure drop-back  guy that’s extremely talented, you may not have that success immediately, but there’s an unlimited top-end for him.”

Doug Flutie has also paid close attention to a potential sale of the Buffalo Bills and a move to Toronto.

“I would love to see them stay in Buffalo,” Flutie said of a potential Bills move to Toronto. “They would love to have a franchise up there (Toronto), but I really don’t think that they could support it.”

Flutie went into detail of his time playing for the Bills and Toronto’s inability to sell out games the Bills would play in Toronto once a year.

“I think a lot of it is leveraging to get the city or the state to kick in more money or help them out,” Flutie said of the Toronto rumors for the Bills. “They probably will be sold and there’s a number of big name people out there trying to buy it right now. Any new ownership is going to try and leverage it the best way they can and try to get the most from the city.”

Listen the entire interview here…

Training Camps open around the NFL next week, and there are 50 days until the 1st regular season game.




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