The home run derby is one of the great moments that we look forward to during the summer when the sports calender gets a little light. As the years have gone on, certain elements of the derby have gotten a bit tiresome. One of them has been the overly enthusiastic Chris Berman. Berman for years has used his goofy nicknames and catchphrases to keep fans entertained (at least that’s what he believes)

Fan Interference watched as much of it as they possibly could, and decided that there are so many people in sports who need to just shut up. So many athletes, coaches, owners, pundits continuously run their mouths, often without anyone keeping them accountable. So for draft day Tuesday, Fan Interference decided to draft their top 5 list of people in sports that need to just shut up.

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Check out the list and vote for who has the top 5 guys that just need to stop talking:

1. Jim Lighthall:

-Chris Berman

-Jerry Jones

-Urban Meyer

-Ray Lewis

-Serena Williams

2. Greg Linnelli (Of The Greg Linnelli Show):

-David Ortiz

-Alex Rodriguez

-Donovan McNabb

-Mike Milbury

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-Marcus Vick

3. The Drake:

-Skip Bayless

-Ron Jaworski

-Roger Goddell

-Tim Tebow

-Stu Sternberg

4. Justin Pawlowski:

-Bill Simmons

-Bud Selig

-Barry Melrose

-Merril Hoge

-Bobby Valentine

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