By Justin Pawlowski

At the end of our show today, we discussed some of the great fixes in sports after a twitter account was created that predicted the outcome of the World Cup and claiming that the fix was in. One of the great conspiracies that came up was the 2007 game between Rutgers and USF when USF was #2 in the country. To this day, USF fans know where they were when that game took place, and the plays felt fishy in favor of Rutgers.

Justin was getting into his story and had an unfortunate moment when he was trying to explain a question about if that game gave fans in the area a biased towards future, now former, Bucs coach Greg Schiano. During the story, Justin (who is of course a former division 1 athlete) coughed and claims that he pinched a nerve in his back.

Earlier on before even getting into the story, Justin tried to sneak in a small cough without it getting caught on air. As you’ll hear, that did not work out to well for The Commish as he was caught red handed and called out for it by everyone on the show.