By Justin Pawlowski

When you’re in the workplace, no one likes the guy who comes in sick. Back in the day, people would praise people for sucking it up and fighting through illness. As we have grown as a culture however, we now know that the only thing you are doing as someone who likes to tough it out, is you are getting everyone else sick as well. Well, The Drake over the weekend was fighting off illness and came in to the building still recovering from finally breaking his bug even though the other guys on the show suggested that it would have been smarter if he had just stayed home and not gotten anyone else sick.

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As we found out Friday, The Commish and his wife will be welcoming a girl into the world later this year. For the other members of Fan Interference, it means that the name Schi is still on the table for us as the show name for the child. The stakes will continue to rise throughout the summer, but so far Justin has been offered the title of draft insider, and 4 theme Fridays in exchange for allowing the guys on the show to give a middle name to the newest member of The Commish family.

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