After the dramatic win at the World Cup for US Soccer, Fan Interference was feeling unabashedly patriotic. It also got us thinking about what best makes America, America! One thing that is never questioned about the American people, is how people love to rally around the cause.

Every 4 year cycle, people love to cheer about sports they normally would never cheer for. Whether it’s soccer, curling, or gymnastics. If the athletes are wearing the stars and stripes, we LOVE it!

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So, today on Fan Interference, the guys decided to draft everything that represented America, to them. Cast your vote and let us know who do you think had the most American draft:

Justin Pawlowski:

1. John Wayne

2. Football

3. Chuck Norris

4. Hulk Hogan

5. Captain America

The Drake:

1. Democracy

2. Baseball

3. College Athletics


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5. Gluttony


1. Statue of Liberty

2. 4th of July

3. Muscle Cars

4. US Military

5. Adult Film Industry


1. Red, White, and Blue

2. Miracle on ice

3. Bruce Springsteen

4. Neal Armstrong

5. Fireworks

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