We all know the story by now. Last Friday night at Fenway Park, Rays lefty David Price put a 94-mph fastball right into the back of Red Sox DH David Ortiz. Ortiz wasn’t happy about it. And I don’t blame him. David Price obviously has a problem with Ortiz that goes all the way back to last year’s playoffs. But instead of handling the problem when he had a chance (in fact, he had two chances when the benches emptied on Friday), Ortiz continues to shoot his mouth off in the newspapers, vowing to “take care of business.”

Ortiz is also upset that Price didn’t get ejected from that game (despite also hitting Boston’s Mike Carp), while his teammate, Brandon Workman, got a six-game suspension for throwing behind Evan Longoria in retaliation. Ortiz whined on Tuesday, “I guess the rules are not for everyone.”

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I love how suddenly David Ortiz thinks he’s the poster child for the rules in Major League Baseball. I guess he forgets about his name being on the list of over 100 players that tested positive for PED’s in 2003. Is it any coincidence that Ortiz had his best statistical years in baseball beginning in 2003 when he joined Manny Ramirez (repeated PED offender) and the Red Sox? Ortiz should never ever open his mouth about the rules of baseball again. He should consider himself fortunate baseball never pinned a suspension or ban on him.

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Ortiz is going to face the Rays again this season. And he’s likely going to face David Price. If I was Price, the first pitch Ortiz sees would thump him right square in the ribs – a purpose pitch for the integrity of baseball. And if he’s able to drag his 38-year old, .257-hitting bones out to the mound to “take care of business” then we’ll really see if can back up his words.

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In the meantime Big Papi … shut up.