By Kirk McEwen

Where is the love for Josh McCown? All I keep hearing is how he’s a career back-up who’s almost 35 years old and has never done anything in the NFL. Why, people ask, would Lovie Smith and Jason Licht put their faith in a guy who hasn’t even played a complete season in the league? Especially since last year’s best rookie QB, Mike Glennon, put up 19 TDs against only 9 picks and is agreed to be the future, which he very well may be. The fact is, all the things many people point out as reasons McCown isn’t the man are really reasons to give him a chance. Lovie Smith was the hottest coach out there this past post-season and Josh McCown was the most attractive free agent QB. The Bucs wrangled ’em both so where’s the excitement? This time next year people will act like they were on board the whole time, just watch.

Lovie had a year to sit back and think A LOT about football. You really think he hasn’t thought long and hard about who he wants running his offense and what he wants it to resemble? He sees something in McCown and frankly, so do I. Having not played all those snaps over the years has saved his body. And enriched his mind. He’s been in on more meetings and seen more defensive looks over the years that it’ll be tough to confuse or rattle the guy. Mike Glennon can only benefit from watching a consummate pro get ready to play, he certainly didn’t have that luxury last year. This Josh is light years from the Bucs last Josh! Huge receivers don’t hurt, either, just like McCown got used to last season when he threw 13 TDs and only 1 interception. Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans are both 6′ 5″ and athletic and the new tight end looks like a beast, too. Doug Martin is back to tote the rock and the defense will get even better under Lovie. McCown doesn’t have to be Aaron Rodgers, and he won’t be. What he also won’t be is an offensive liability. You heard it here.

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