By Special Ed

Honestly, we all know that there a lot of films we have to sift through nowadays in order to find that diamond in the rough. A lot of times we come out of the movie theater feeling the same way we did through the countless other movies that we’ve seen. I’m here to let you know that “Million Dollar Arm” is not one of those films! Be prepared to be blown away by the range of emotions you will discover when you see this film.

A lot of people from the sports world have already heard the story about baseball pitchers Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel, who were both discovered by sports agent J.B. Bernstein after winning a reality show competition. “Million Dollar Arm” could be placed in the same category as the many other popular films we’ve loved where we already knew the ending. However the difference is, this film was amazing to see that through hard work, belief, trust and perseverance, the two pitchers were able to overcome the obstacles that stood between them and their dreams.

I would definitely recommend that you go see “Million Dollar Arm” with you and your entire family today. Not this weekend. Not next weekend. Don’t wait until it comes out on Blu-Ray. You need to pack up the car, find a movie time at a theater near you today and your family will love you for taking them to this captivating film. I brought my 9 year old daughter to the premiere of this movie, who actually didn’t even want to go to the film because it wasn’t a typical “cartoon movie” that she likes to see. Well, she recently had to do a school project where she was asked to put down personal information and for her favorite movie, she actually wrote down “Million Dollar Arm.” There will be a lot of movies with trailers and catchy ad campaigns all summer long that will entice you to the theater this year. The one thing you need to understand is that “Million Dollar Arm” is the grand slam of the summer!

-Special Ed (@itsspecialed)