NBA analyst Shaquille O’Neal joined Booger and Rich to break down the Eastern and Western Conference Finals matchups and to discuss who the favorite is moving forward.

Shaq said that everyone thought the Pacers were dead against the Hawks, but somehow found a way to pull that series out. Unfortunately Shaq said the Pacers luck may have run out and it won’t be nearly as easy to play poorly against the Heat. In the end, Shaq said that if you don’t know which Pacers team will show up then you know they’re not ready.

In the West, Shaq likes the Spurs. He said they play fundamental basketball and are incredibly disciplined. As long as age doesn’t catch up to them, look for them to be the NBA Finals for the second straight year.

When asked about Donald Sterling, Shaq said that this will no doubt be a long process. Sterling will likely fight this and we can’t expect a fast resolution.

Finally Shaq said he was surprised that Steve Kerr didn’t accept the Knicks job from Phil Jackson, the master of the triangle offense. He hopes that a young coach like Vinny Del Negro will get a chance at the New York job.

If you can believe it, Shaq said that the greatest broadcaster to come out of LSU is Booger McFarland. Don’t believe us? Check out the audio: