Just a few thoughts about the Bucs and the 2104 Draft.

The Bucs stayed true to the rule of take the best player on the board. They didn’t come into the second day of draft trying to load up on offensive players. They looked at board and took the best players out there. They didn’t stretch for need, they didn’t flinch, they didn’t blink. They stood there and stayed with in themselves and didn’t reach and try to hit a massive 500 foot homer at a pitch in the dirt. They didn’t try to throw up a full court shot, or pull their goalie in the first period.

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You can see the DNA of what the Bucs offense will be this season under OC Jeff Tedford. They Bucs took tall receivers that can jump and get the ball. Mike Evans is a former basketball player that turned football player. Think of others that have that skill set of a hoops player, Tony Gonzalez Jimmy Graham. No he shouldn’t be help up to them as an expected skill set. What they bring is the ability to allow a WR to out jump and out physical a smaller DB. Think of a jump ball that he can jump go get it. Now you come back with another tall TE that has the same skill set that get up and out muscle a DB for the ball. With three targets over 6 feet 5 inches we can see the beginning of what kind of plays we might see. Maybe not the deep routes fans were thinking about but shorter routes where the receivers are able to go get it. Most teams have to play match up with a tall wide out like Jackson, now teams will have to look at matches for not one, but two, and now three giant wideouts.

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Very interesting that the Bucs took a RB in round three. They already have one pro bowler in Doug Martin. Mike James showed he can play as well coming out of Miami last year. So why get Charles Sims? He played at Houston before a transfer to West Virgina. So why did the Bucs take him with stable of running backs they already have? Simple they are looking for people who can catch the ball. One aspect of Martin’s game that needs to improve under Tedford is catching out of the backfield. Keep your eye on this issue when camp gets going.

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One last thing if things don’t work out for the Bucs they can maybe make a deal with the Magic. They have two converted basketball players Dotson and now Evans. With V JAX and no Seferian-Jenkis get used to Dunk-aneers