By Kirk McEwen

The NFL found it necessary to move the date of their annual draft back to the month of May this year, prolonging the agony of the common fan even longer! The season seems to last all year long these days and I get it. Pushing the draft back to May keeps that speculation bubbling and percolating, rumors flying and players slipping or rising on team’s draft boards, but let’s not kid ourselves. There’s so much misinformation and outright lies spread by teams leading up to draft day it’s really hard to believe anybody. One morning we went back and listened to ESPN’s Mel Kiper describe QB JaMarcus Russell back in 2007, perhaps the biggest bust in draft history, as the second coming of John Elway! We all know how that story played out, yet Mel’s back at it again, as he has been for three decades, telling us who’s going where with what pick and why. And we listen! For what?

Then there’s the guys that really like the NFL and watch the same people as I do on TV and even THESE guys have mock drafts! Really? Where are you getting your misinformation? Do you have Teddy Bridgewater slipping to Round 2 because Todd McShay says it’s so? At least he may have an actual front office type or scout feeding him the exact opposite opinion of how the team really feels about a player but what about “Mock Man?” The guy with no ties to any credible sources tied to teams who still insists on putting out his own mock drafts. That is just extremely laughable to me. Talk about your fantasy football! Is Clowney a lock at the top spot or could Houston conceivably trade the pick? Check in with any one of a slew of guys that are out there for their far-ranging views on what will happen Thursday and Friday in New York. Or you can just join us at The Fan’s Draft Party at Buffalo Wild Wings in Ybor City with our “Fan Interference” boys Justin, Jim, and Drake and watch it all unfold or yourself!

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