By Marc Ryan

This week, we as sports fans have been placed on an emotional spin cycle. Personally speaking, I find the Donald Sterling saga as draining as anything going on in my life – the shock and pain, the disappointment, followed by the hypocrisy shown by many in the media. Hypocrisy by many who feel high and mighty, but who in reality should be the last to cast stones.

This, in my opinion, is not a black and white, issue. It’s right and wrong. Sterling is wrong, and was punished accordingly.

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What is black and white is the way we, our media, and society classifies people. We love this guy, hate that guy – this woman is so kind, the next is a pill. This one does great deeds and this one does great harm. We’re all so off base.

We all hate Donald Sterling today, and we should. But what about other owners? If Sterling’s indiscretions are a “10,” one could ascertain that quite a few known blemishes would register at a 9.5. The Orlando Magic brass, Rich DeVos among them, have invested millions in anti-gay campaigns. He’s also profited greatly by a form of business likened to highway robbery. Where are the darts that should be aimed in his direction? Oh yeah, we’ve fired them all at Sterling. Sterling has taken the heat for everyone else.

One person bears the brunt of our anger, when in reality, punishment should be evenly distributed among many.

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Magic Johnson is a good guy, right? We LOVE him, and he can do no wrong. Last night, when Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni announced his resigning, Magic tweeted : “Happy days are here again! Mike D’Antoni resigns as the Lakers coach. I couldn’t be happier!” Totally classless.

Regardless of how you feel of D’Antoni’s coaching ability, Magic should be far above kicking another man while he’s down. I’m sure D’Antoni would admit to you and I privately the past two season have been among the most trying of his life. And this man we all revere (myself included) kicks him when he’s on the side of the road. Pathetic.

He’s awesome. He sucks. She rules. She’s terrible. He’s a 10. He’s a 1. Reality – we’re all a lot closer to 5’s. We all have our warts, we’re all “50 Shades of Grey,” we all are capable of great good and mighty bad.

Let’s pull back the myopia of the media’s extreme-filled agenda. Be better. It’s not black and white.

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– Marc Ryan
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