TAMPA, Flo. (CBS Tampa) – Real estate agents are taking it to the next level by using drones to help market properties.

Julia Silva Rettig, a director at Chusman and Wakefield, explained that the video captured by the drone will help potential buyers or lessees get a better way to view the property if they are not from the area.

“Now what I can do is show geographic location and the advantage of that to a user, I can bring the drone into the building and span through the warehouse, show my column spacing, so it shows functionality,” Rettig explained to WTSP.

She stated that a drone is also helpful because it can show the how close a property is to things like an airport, shopping center, or major roads, which could be critical to a customer.

Recently photographer Michael Blitch used a drone to shoot video of a 39,000-square-foot space for Cushman and Wakefield.

In addition to shooting large spaced properties, drones are also being used to shoot video of homes being sold by realtors.

However, the American Civil Liberties Union Greater Tampa Chapter Chairman, Mike Pheneger, is uneasy about drones being flown in neighborhoods because it may make some people feel like big brother is watching them.

“If a drone suddenly flies over your house and you’re in your backyard sunbathing or something like that you don’t know what the drone is doing and you have only the word of the drone operator that they’re not doing anything illegal, (or) immoral… and that’s a real problem,” Pheneger told WTSP.

Blitch explained that hobbyists are allowed to fly drones for recreational use up to 400 feet high and that he doesn’t charge for any outdoor video that he shoots.  He shared that he only charges for video taken inside warehouses and buildings.

“It’s a very successful professional toy, I mean business tool,” Blitch added.



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