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1. Houston Texans – Jadeveon Clowney – DE – South Carolina
Commish’s Comments: I’m torn on this much like everyone else. While I think Bortles is a definite possibility if Bill O’Brien views him as a potential franchise quarterback, the combination of Clowney and Garoppolo or Mettenberger is better than Bortles and the best player available at the top of round two.  ROUND 2   ROUND 3

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2. St. Louis Rams (via WAS) – Jake Matthews – OT – Texas A&M
Commish’s Comments: I know the popular pick here has been either Greg Robinson or Sammy Watkins, but I wouldn’t rule out Jake Matthews yet. No, Jeff Fisher does not have a track record of drafting offensive linemen high in the draft, but if he did, Matthews fits more of the profile of his type of offensive tackle than Robinson. Robinson is also not a finished product, and while his ceiling might be higher, Matthews probably has a better chance of playing early, which would provide protection for Sam Bradford. ROUND 2   ROUND 3

3. Jacksonville Jaguars – Blake Bortles – QB – UCF
Commish’s Comments:
Yahoo’s Anwar Richardson told us on Fan Interference that Jaguars coach Gus Bradley made it a point to track Blake Bortles down after his pro day to tell him how impressed he was with him. The Jaguars hope to have an offense that takes shots down the field, and Bortles has the arm to do that. ROUND 2   ROUND 3

4. Cleveland Browns –  Sammy Watkins – WR – Clemson
Commish’s Comments: Cleveland might be the wildcard of the top 10 because they could go in a number of directions. Like the Texans, the Browns might view waiting until their 2nd pick in the 1st round as a safer place to select a quarterback in this draft. Greg Robinson and Khalil Mack will be tempting for new coach Mike Pettine, but the right pick is Sammy Watkins. A duo of Josh Gordon and Sammy Watkins could give the Browns an elite-level offense…if they find a quarterback. ROUND 2   ROUND 3

5. Oakland Raiders – Mike Evans – WR – Texas A&M
Commish’s Comments: I mentioned to my buddy the other day that I could see Mike Evans landing in Oakland if Watkins was already taken. I thought he was going to pass out. Evans possesses every quality that I’d want in a premier wide receiver, and I believe he’s closer to Watkins than people give him credit for. Evans would give new quarterback, Matt Schaub a big go-to target to go with the Raiders other speed receivers. ROUND 2   ROUND 3

6. Atlanta Falcons – Greg Robinson – OT – Auburn  
Commish’s Comments: As much as I’d love to give the Falcons Khalil Mack here, Robinson’s value is just too high for a team desperate for offensive linemen. Robinson is a physical freak who is raw, but has an extremely high ceiling. Robinson is probably a better fit at right tackle early in his career before switching to the left side after gaining some experience. ROUND 2   ROUND 3

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Johnny Manziel – QB – Texas A&M 
Commish’s Comments: I’m not going to spend too long on this. I feel that if Manziel is available, the temptation would be too high for the Bucs to pass on him. Please do not believe the Bucs if/when they say they are confident in the current quarterbacks on their roster. If they are, we are doomed as fans. We all know the risks and rewards of Manziel. Some times, you have to take risks in the NFL draft. No one is saying Manziel wouldn’t be a risk, but his reward might just outweigh that risk. By saying that, I mean that passing on him and him becoming a star in the NFL might be a bigger risk than selecting him and him flaming out. The new CBA allows for teams to take risks on players like Manziel early and not have it cripple their franchise financially for the next 5-7 years if that player does not pan out. Some scouts believe Manziel should go higher than this and some feel he should go much lower, so why not put him right in the middle to the Bucs? ROUND 2   ROUND 3

8. Minnesota Vikings – Khalil Mack – DE/OLB – Buffalo
Commish’s Comments: New coach Mike Zimmer brings a fresh and aggressive defensive mentality to the Vikings. He ran a 4-3 defense in Cincinnati, but his linebackers were bigger linebackers who attacked the line of scrimmage. Mack would seem to be an ideal fit for the Vikings defense as they target a 2nd or 3rd round quarterback that fits Norv Turner’s offense. ROUND 2   ROUND 3

9. Buffalo Bills – Ha Ha Clinton-Dix – S – Alabama
Commish’s Comments:  The Bills know they play Rob Gronkowski twice a year, and some time the best matchup for those tight ends is a bigger safety that can run. Clinton-Dix will remind some of Mark Barron from a couple years ago. As we got closer and closer to draft day, Barron started rising up boards. I think Clinton-Dix could do the same. ROUND 2   ROUND 3

10. Detroit Lions – Eric Ebron – TE – North Carolina
Commish’s Comments:  Ebron gives the Lions offense a Jimmy Graham-like presence to go with Calvin Johnson on the outside. ROUND 2   ROUND 3

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11. Tennessee Titans – Justin Gilbert – CB – Oklahoma St.
Commish’s Comments: The Titans lose Alterraun Verner, but get bigger and more physical with Gilbert in their new defense. ROUND 2   ROUND 3

12. New York Giants – Zack Martin – OT – Notre Dame
Commish’s Comments: While I believe Aaron Donald could be under heavy consideration here, Martin has the potential to be a starter at any offensive line position and could end up as an All-Pro guard. The Giants need help up front and need to get more physical. ROUND 2   ROUND 3

13. St. Louis Rams – Aaron Donald – DT – Pitt
Commish’s Comments: The Rams might have some other needs, but if Donald turns into the same disrupting force in the NFL as he was in college, the Rams could potentially end up with the best pass rush in the NFL. ROUND 2   ROUND 3

14. Chicago Bears – Calvin Pryor – S – Louisville
Commish’s Comments: If Donald is gone, the Bears should look to one of the top two safeties in this draft. Pryor is a big hitter in the secondary who can move sideline to sideline. ROUND 2   ROUND 3

15. Pittsburgh Steelers – Odell Beckham Jr. – WR – LSU
Commish’s Comments: Beckham is a big time playmaker with a little better size than Brandin Cooks and Marqise Lee. The Steelers need to find some weapons for Big Ben to throw to. ROUND 2   ROUND 3

16. Dallas Cowboys – Anthony Barr – DE/OLB – UCLA
Commish’s Comments: Barr is a raw player who has only played linebacker for a couple years now. He possesses all of the tools needed to be successful in the NFL, but does not play with much aggression on film and is not very physical. Rod Marinelli is one of the best defensive line coaches of all time, so if any coach can translate that talent into Barr reaching his high ceiling, it’s Marinelli. ROUND 2   ROUND 3




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