By Jeff “Pants” Pantridge

The Bucs need to KEEP Mike Williams. That’s right. I said it.

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I think we as fans are too quick to judge in these situations. First off, we play general manager and just spend other peoples’ money like it doesn’t even matter. (Ahh, the Glazers are billionaires… Just cut him!) You might think differently if it was YOUR money.

Who else do we have??? Can any of you name another Bucs reciever besides Vincent Jackson without googling it???? I cant.

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What happened to giving people second chances??? Isn’t that why Lovie Smith is here and Greg Schiano isn’t? Lovie isn’t just a coach. He’s a father figure to a lot of these players as well; just like Tony Dungy was before him. Maybe Lovie can… I don’t know… ACTUALLY HELP THE GUY. There’s a reason that Lovie’s former players speak so highly of him. He has a big role in teaching these guys how to be men off the field. Talk to Warren Sapp or Derrick Brooks about Tony Dungy. They never once mention his Tampa 2 defense or his abillity to draw up plays. They talk about his character and the man that he is and the men he taught them to be. I don’t know Mike Williams’ background, but how many times do we see troubled men in society that didn’t grow up with father figures? Maybe he needs somebody like Lovie Smith in his life right now.

Yes, Mike Williams throws parties. How much time would you spend in the library if you were 26 with $10,000,000 in your pocket??? Yes, he likes to rap in his spare time. You don’t have any hobbies??? I love how fans expect football players to stick their noses in their playbooks 365 days a year. What do you do when you get home from your job???

It just irks me when fans say “Just cut him!” What if Mike Williams was your son??? Wouldn’t you want to help him??? I would. I also understand that some athletes run out of chances and teams have no choice but to move on, but is that the case here??? I say no.

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