The tournament continues today in the radio region with the play by play analyst.  With these 4 broadcasters, the theme with all of them is professionalism, and men who are all well-respected in their field of work.

First up, we have long time Buccaneer and FSU broadcaster Gene Deckerhoff. Gene has a championship pedigree calling numerous titles for the Seminoles, along with being the voice of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with his famous calls in the playoffs and the Super Bowl victory. Gene reminds us a lot of Duke in the sense that when he is in the tournament, you have to consider him a favorite.

Dave Mishkin is known throughout Tampa Bay for his passion for the team that he broadcast with, the Tampa Bay Lightning. For years, fans love a great GOAL call from Dave that makes you feel like he is as invested in the team’s success as the most die-hard fan. Another passionate fanbase that would best describe Dave’s delivery would be Syracuse. The Orange travel as well as any school in the country, and so does the Lightning broadcaster.

Jim Louk has been the voice of USF football since day 1, and has seen it all with the Bulls. From their big wins against traditional powerhouses like Auburn, Notre Dame, and FSU, to the recent turnover of coaches like Leavitt, Holtz, and now Willie Taggart. Jim is a lot like Creighton in this region. A powerhouse mid-major who has grown a reputation for giving people fits in a tournament like this.

Finally, we have the host of Fan Interference, and the play by play voice of USF, Jim Lighthall. Jim has seen it all with the Bulls. He has gone through some tough times in Conference USA, and has felt the joy of watching the Bulls make their first tournament in 20 years, winning 2 games in the tournament. Jim’s style is on of a calm, on-point, seasoned journalist, which reminds us a lot of Kansas. When you think of the tournament and things that are constant, it is the Kansas Jayhawks. Similar to KU, when you think of Men’s basketball at the University of South Florida, Jim Lighthall is the name that many mention as the pulse of the Bulls.