I love March! It’s my favorite month. My birthday’s in March. It’s the beginning of spring. The weather is fantastic. Everybody is in a good mood. Most importantly there are sports everywhere!

Year after year sports fans freak out after the Super Bowl asking themselves “What am I going to do now???” Then March hits and everything feels right again.

As soon as you start to get football withdraws, BOOM! NFL Free Agency hits. Sports Radio 98.7 The Fan was a madhouse last week! Our phones exploded and I’ve never seen our Twitter feed get so much action. People really get into it. I think it has gotten to the point that NFL Free Agency is bigger than the Draft. With the Draft, especially if your team sucks like ours does, you get excited for that first round pick. After that though, if you don’t grab a QB with one of your other picks, how excited do you get? I’m sure that right tackle from Iowa St. is good, but you’ve never seen that dude play. With Free Agency, you’ve seen all these guys play… a lot. There’s just something intriguing about watching players change teams. It’s especially cool when your team loads up like the Bucs did. Last season just ended and I can’t wait to see these new Bucs in their swanky new uniforms.

March also brings the return of Major League Baseball and nothing is cooler than Spring Training. Who cares if the games don’t count? Is there anything better than watching baseball… outdoors… in March??? No. I just took my sister and brother in law to a Yankees game at George Steinbrenner Field and we had a fantastic time. Do I like the Yankees? No… but it’s not about that.

I like the fact that the games don’t count. There’s no stress, just fun. Spring Training is more about family and friends than it is about hits and runs. Growing up in Florida, I’ve been going to Grapefruit League games since I can remember. There’s just something so relaxing about having a conversation with a baseball game going on in front of you. It is and will always be one of my favorite things on Earth.

As relaxing as Spring Training is, the NCAA Tournament is anything but. There’s a reason it’s called March Madness. Its insanity is what makes it good. Its insanity creates our insanity. What other sport can cause you to run around your house in celebration after some guy you’ve never heard of makes a shot? College Basketball is the sport of underdogs. There are Rudy’s everywhere in March. Valparaiso, George Mason, Florida Gulf Coast University… What’s better in sports than watching David have his “one shining moment” against Goliath?

March gives us all hope. It could be that hot new free agent signing, or the smell of the fresh-cut grass on your favorite field. Maybe it’s some skinny kid from North Dakota draining a three and changing his life. Whatever it is, I love it.

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