The former head coach of USF Men’s basketball Stan Heath joined Fan Interference this morning to talk to us about his time at USF and what the next step will be for Stan.

Stan said that he wasn’t surprised by the move being in the coaching profession for so long, but did think that with the young guys he had, and the injuries to key players that he felt that he should have been given another year to see if he could mold his young team with the talent he had.

Moving forward for USF, Stan does believe that with guys like Chris Perry and John Egbunu with the return of Anthony Collins, the future of the team is going to be bright if everyone on the team does decide to remain at the university. That combined with the upgraded facilities and Sun Dome renovations, Stan says that the future will continue to be positive moving forward to the next coach.

Stan also has an interest left on the team with his son Josh who is still a member of the team. Stan says he is going to take a step back and evaluate before he makes any decisions on the future for Josh and Stan’s future himself.