One of the newest Buccaneers, Michael Johnson, joined Fan Interference to give us a little bit of what we can expect from him when he takes the field as a member of the team. When Johsnon was signed, a lot of fans noticed that he had a drop off in his sack totals and he was quick to point out that with the Bengals, he was asked to do a lot more then just rush the passer and that he is a guy who just wants to do whatever the team needs from him.

One of the things that Johnson is looking for to is playing beside Gerald McCoy and what that can do to the Buccaneers pass rush. Another player that Johnson is excited to be with is his teammate from the Bengals, Anthony Collins.  Johnsons said that he and Collins were two highly competitive guys who love to get after each other in prcatice. Johnson also had very high praise for Collins in saying that his chance to start and earn money was a long time coming for the offensive lineman.

One thing that Jim just could not get out of his head when he saw the press conference with Michael was the site of him holding up those new Bucs uniforms. Johnson said that he actually really likes the new uniforms, and notes that those uniforms will looks really great when the team starts to win in them.