Yesterday, while filling in for “The Big Fajita” on Booger and Rich, Booger and I interviewed new Bucs General Manager Jason Licht.

I found Jason to be refreshingly honest, as much so as possible, and you’ll find that interview here on as well.

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Perhaps the most striking statement from Jason came when Booger asked him what quarterback he was targeting in the draft….Booger, knowing he wasn’t going to get a straight answer….but Jason, chuckling back, said this…

“There are franchise quarterbacks in this year’s draft class…..I’ll just say this…they may not be who you’re thinking of.”

….all of which got me thinking…if not Bridgewater, Bortles, or Manziel, then whom? My five best guesses:

5. Logan Thomas – VT – a combine lovers dream….has all the measurables, and can make all the throws….the problem is, Tampa had a Thomas clone on the roster as recently as last season in Josh Freeman….it must be asked, why did Thomas’ Hokie teams underachieve in Blacksburg?

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4. AJ McCarron – Bama – a two-time national championship winner as a starter, and earned strong praise from college football’s most noteworthy disctator, Nick Saban – but you have to wonder this about Bama qb’s – how much of their success at that level is due to the fact that the rest of Bama’s roster is SO much more talented than anyone else they play? In the NFL, McCarron looks like more of a game manager to me. It also rubbed some the wrong way that he “big-timed” the Senior Bowl, also not throwing at the combine.

3. Zach Mettenberger – Zac has some serious potential – his arm turned two of LSU’s receivers into NFL prospects, not the other way around. And while the ACL injury is a concern, provided he comes back healthy, I do believe Metternberger has a future in the NFL. Even Austin Powers is impressed with his ‘laser.’

2. Jimmy Garoppolo – Eastern Illinois – has capitalized on Romo’s success from the same school, but does Jimmy have similar talent and, more importantly, that ability to perform in the clutch, which has eluded the Cowboy’s signal caller? Time will tell…I like what I’ve seen from Jimmy, but I shudder at the lack of competition he faced collegiately.

1. Derek Carr – Fresno State – new Bucs offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford has worked with him and apparently likes him….so much so that many online mocks have Tampa winding up with Derek, some as early as pick seven. Let’s not jump off the Sunshine Skyway bridge just yet – Carr’s Wonderlic was average, his bowl performance vs. USC below that, and his NFL lineage (David Carr) performed like NFL bustiage. When you combine all of this with the fact that Fresno doesn’t exactly line up against the likes of the SEC each week, I’m steering clear from Derek Carr before round three.

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– Marc Ryan
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